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It’s the 10 Hair Commandments….NATURAL THAT IS…..

I was going through some old Essence magazines in efforts to make an inspiration board and I came across and old article entitled: THE FIVE COMMANDMENTS FOR GOING NATURAL. It had some good tips but there are a lot of other things to consider when going natural …..

1. FIND A REGIMEN that works for you (shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioners and styling products.  Your hair is unique and a regimen that works for me may not necessarily work for you.

2. PROTECT YOUR ENDS this includes keeping your ends moisturized and protected.  This is especially important in the harsh winter months because your hair is constantly exposed to the elements, rubbing on your coat or scarf and this causes breakage.

3. DETANGLE WITH CARE use a wide tooth comb, Denman brush or tangle teaser to GENTLY detangle hair.  Some naturals gently detangle hair with fingers before washing to remove major detangles.  When washing I usually section my hair in fours to easily detangle.

4. HAIR SHOULD ONLY BE MANIPULATED WHEN WET.  unlike relaxed hair natural hair is fragile when dry and easier to manipulate without breakage when wet.  It will be easier on you and your hair if you style when wet.

5. SLEEP WITH A SATIN/silk bonnet to protect and fight breakage.  If you are a wild sleeper you can take it a step further and sleep on a silk/satin pillow case in case your bonnet or scarf comes off.  This can help to preserve styles as well.

6. WATER, WATER, WATER- water is the best moisturizer for your hair & rink plenty of it.

7. STEER AWAY FROM HARSH SHAMPOOS- harsh shampoos can strip the natural oils from your hair and can cause hair to become dry and brittle hair.  Try creamy cleansers for example I recently tried Curls Creamy Cleanser which contained NO silicons, mineral oil, or petroleum.

8. BE MINDFUL OF STYLING PRODUCTS- it’s not completely necessary to go complete organic with hair products but some of the same products you used when relaxed my not take well with your natural hair.  Example-some gels contain alcohol which can dry your hair out…be mindful of you the ingredients…heres a light to tightly curly that contains a dictionary that

9. AVOID STYLES THAT BUT STRESS ON YOUR ENDS- tight buns and pony tails and braids that put too much stress on ends cause then to break as well.  Also avoid excessively brushing your edges.

10. LOVE YOUR HAIR-it takes a confident woman to be natural!! OWN IT!! If you are good to your hair it will be good to you!!!! Following these simple tips and your hair will be healthy!!!



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