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Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural

When deciding to go natural you may need to decide 1) do the BC (big chop) or 2) transition your hair to a length that you are comfortable with and then cut off the remaining permed ends.  The BC is the easiest way to enter the world of being natural. It may take some confidence seeing that you are basically cutting all of the permed ends of your hair off and you will be rocking a TWA (teeny weeny Afro) . Transition takes more time and often can be frustrating.  This time will allow you to get to know your hair and what products work best for you! It may also be easier to transition with braids, sew-ins,  quick weaves, twists, Bantu knots, or straw sets.  Avoid hair styles that may put stress on your hair because this may cause unwanted breakage.  Pay attention to the ingredients in products and try to use more organic products….the beauty of natural hair is it is very versatile…you can straighten it and wear a wrap and then wash it and your curls POP.. it takes a confident woman to be natural because it goes against what society says is beautiful….

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