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Recently my hair has been doing it’s own thing. I hadn’t changes my regimen at all so I assumed it was the weather. Then as I was going threw some of my old products I found some throwback Mane N Tail. Decides to give it a try and my hair loves it! I shampooed my roots and conditioned and detangled with the Aussie Moist, deep conditioned with the Aussie 3 min Miracle. After washing I applied the Aussie Leave in, Coconut Oil and IC Fantasia (Olive Oil). Then I did two strand twists! Not only was my hair was so soft and shiny but it defined my curls… So much to the point where some of my twists would unravel leaving bouncy curls. I’m going to try this regimen for a couple of weeks to see if the results are the same! If so I will be permanently adding this to my regimen.


My Hair Care Regimen

When I first did my BC I went through product after product trying to find what worked best for my hair. Products for natural hair can be costly and often you can find products that cost 1/3 of the price of some of the name brand products (such as Carols Daughter, Miss Jessie’s, or Kinky Curling) and they work just as well if not better.  My hair care regimen is as follows:

– Conditioner AUSSIE MOIST
– Leave In Conditioner (AUSSIE HAIR INSURANCE) or my Homemade Leave In*

When you have a TWA washing your hair is easy but as your hair gains length you run the risk of tangling your hair during washing.  This could result in unwanted breakage.  With that being said I take clips and section my hair into fours.  I apply shampoo to the tips of my fingers and only wash the roots of my hair.  The ends of your hair become clean with the excess shampoo runs down the ends when rinsing.  Then I apply conditioner to my hair and using my denman brush staring at the ends, detangle section by section.  This works because it allows your to detangle your hair and its already sectioned for styling. 

*African Black Soap is not black. Its brown and is usually not sold in a bar. 
*Check out Hair Recipes for my HOMEMADE LEAVE IN CONDITIONER

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