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Phases of hair growth/ pH and hair

Phases of Hair Growth

Your hair has 3 phases of growth that complete more than 20 cycles over the span of your lifetime.  The hair is a  keratin (protein)…the same kind of protein that make your nails. The protein in composed of oxygen, iron, nitrogen, hydrogen, sulphur, carbon and phosphorus.  The bloodstream nourishes the hair through the dermal papilla. This is why diet, exercise and what you put into your body affects the appearance of your hair and how it grows.  Drink plenty of water, eat green leafy veggies, and fruits. The hair bulb is what produces your hair pigment or hair color.  As you age the production of pigment slows down and this is what causes grey hairs.


Hair grows quicker in the winter seasons than summer.

You have anywhere from 100,000-150,000 hairs on your head.

When your hair grows it’s not growing in unison…different hairs are in different phases.

The structure of hair is made up of three layers which are:

Medulla-(inner layer) looks almost like a honeycomb would look like.  Poor health, drugs and medicine directly affect the medulla.

Cortex-(middle) Contributes of strength, color and texture.

Cuticle-(outer) Coated with Sebum which gives hair its shine.  If this layer is damaged your hair will become wear and fragile.  This layer protects the Cortex.


This is where the ph of products come into factor when considering which ones are better to use for your hair so that your hair thrives and is protected! The pH of hair when wet is in a range of 4.5-5.5. This is when the hair is its strongest because its balances and it is recommended that you only manipulate your hair when wet. When it comes to pH Alkaline solutions open your hair cuticle and Acidic solutions close the cuticle.  Water is Neutral at a pH of 7 HAIR DYES are alkaline because they open the cuticle and alter the color of your hair.  RELAXERS are too because they open the cuticle and break down your natural hair bond & relax your normal texture.


These phases are of hair growth:

Anagen (GROWING PHASE)- Your hair is in this phase 80-90% of the times in which it grows continuously for a period of 3-7 years at a rate of 1/2 per month.

Catagen (TRANSITIONAL PHASE)- Your hair detaches from the hair supply, your follicle shrinks 1/6 of its size.Telogen

(RESTING PHASE)- Final phase of hair growth in which your hair sheds, the follicle falls off and is replaced by new hair.

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