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This past weekend I attended a Prince concert in Greensboro, NC! I would have to say that it was the best night of my life!!! Despite the cold weather and rain we still had a good time!  The atmosphere was awesome…so many different ages &  races in one place having a good time…

These are my top  fav moments of the night!!

9. Just closing my eyes and listening to the music and taking everything in….

8. Shelby Johnson singing Misty Blue!!!! What a beautiful woman with beautiful voice….

7. The Gay man that cat walked the entire symbol…he owned it!!!!!!

6. Seeing all Races & Ages come together…Party & Have a good time….

5. Laughing at the lady with the gloves that had florescent fingers dance & do the robot!!!

4. Sitting behind Hank….no seriously this man looked just like Hank from Me, Myself & Irene. LOL

3. Having our seats upgraded!!!!! We ended up on the lower level

2.  Being in the same atmosphere as Prince……PRICELESS

1. Prince singing ADORE…1 of my all time favorite Prince songs….

Just my luck my phone would die so all I have is the memories that I will never forget….BY FAR THE BEST CONCERT IVE BEEN TO AND BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!!!


Timothy Bloom- Til the End of Time ft. V

This highly controversial video exhibits loves in raw form. So many people are taken aback at the fact that they are nude and miss the beauty of the song and both singers. I love the song!!!! This makes the list of my top songs of 2011!


Marsha Ambrosius

This has to be one of the best CD that Ive heard in a long time….Rarely now a days do you find that you can put a CD in and can play from beginning to end….Love it!!!


01 Anticipation (Intro)
2 With You
3 Late Nights & Early Mornings
4 Hope She Cheats on You (With a Basketball Player)
5 Far Away
6 Lose Myself
7 Your Hands
8 I Want You to Stay
9 Sour Times
10 Tears
11 Chasing Clouds
12 The Break Up Song


Dirty Money-Loving You No More


Pretty Girl Rock


Anita Baker Tribute


Kanye West-Runaway

Im so gifted at finding what I dont like the most…….


My <3 for Music

“I went from the favoriteTo the most hated But would you rather be underpaid or overrated?”
Jay-Z (So Appalled)


Aston Martin Music-Extended Version

I love Rick Ross but Drake’s verse…LOVED IT! Not to mention Chrisette Michelle is one of my fav artists!


Monica – Stay or Go

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