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A Testament of Faith

I  can remember it like it was will be three years this June that my world was in turmoil and God was about to open my eyes.  It was a hot day and I was helping my aunt with a yard sale.  An older caucasian male came up to me and I cant remember what he was looking for nor could I tell you what he looked like or his name.  All I remember is that I will forever remember that man because I felt as if God sent him to me on that very day to ensure me that what I was about to endure was going to be ok….the older man handed me an angel made out of a paper clip, beads and party ribbon…as he handed it to me I realized that it was my favorite color Pink…he laughed and said well how did I know that…Its a little angel to watch over you! That Monday my mommy was admitted into the hospital and later that week diagnosed with colon cancer.  But I can tell you how good God is out of all the hospital beds in Forsyth Hospital God placed my mother under the care of one of the ministers of the church I attended. I recognized her face but couldn’t remember where I knew her from until later that night..It was then God placed it on my heart to write her a letter which was way out of my comfort zone. ..I never had spoken to her nor did I know if she would recognized me but I wrote it anyway..I sat in the hospital waiting room and poured my heart out on paper and left the letter for her at the nurses station…the next morning she came it and prayed with my mother and I…something so simple made a world of difference and lifted my mothers spirits….she was cancer free for three years….That was no coincidence but God…that angel hangs from the signal in my car still to this day…the beads may have lost their color but It serves as a reminder to me to keep my faith!! Today I learned that my mothers cancer has resurfaced….at first I broke down because She is my world…there for her each and every time i needed her with out explanation…she has always been there unselfishly putting my sisters and I above all and herself last…i cried, and cried, and cried…but never questioned God because I know he did it before and IM GOING TO WATCH HIM DO IT AGAIN! Its hard being the oldest…everyone looks to you to be the rock or shoulder to lean on in hard times…I PRAY FOR STRENGTH, COURAGE. Life is too short to dwell on petty things over the course of these last three years God is showing me that little by little, I can care less if I have a car to drive, a house to live in, or a place to lay my head down at night as long as my family is healthy and happy I AM CONTENT WITH MY LIFE!!!! Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. (Proverbs 3:5-6) I LOVE YOU MOMMY AND EVERYTHING WILL BE OK///I KNOW IT WILL BECAUSE WE SERVE A GOD THAT CAN FIX ALL THINGS!!!!



This past weekend I attended a Prince concert in Greensboro, NC! I would have to say that it was the best night of my life!!! Despite the cold weather and rain we still had a good time!  The atmosphere was awesome…so many different ages &  races in one place having a good time…

These are my top  fav moments of the night!!

9. Just closing my eyes and listening to the music and taking everything in….

8. Shelby Johnson singing Misty Blue!!!! What a beautiful woman with beautiful voice….

7. The Gay man that cat walked the entire symbol…he owned it!!!!!!

6. Seeing all Races & Ages come together…Party & Have a good time….

5. Laughing at the lady with the gloves that had florescent fingers dance & do the robot!!!

4. Sitting behind Hank….no seriously this man looked just like Hank from Me, Myself & Irene. LOL

3. Having our seats upgraded!!!!! We ended up on the lower level

2.  Being in the same atmosphere as Prince……PRICELESS

1. Prince singing ADORE…1 of my all time favorite Prince songs….

Just my luck my phone would die so all I have is the memories that I will never forget….BY FAR THE BEST CONCERT IVE BEEN TO AND BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!!!



This past weekend my friends and I went out to celebrate a friends birthday! Its always good to forget about the stress that life can sometimes bring and enjoy yourself!

Every day you are alive is a special occasion. Every minute, every breath, is a gift from God. -Mary Manin Morrissey


Timothy Bloom- Til the End of Time ft. V

This highly controversial video exhibits loves in raw form. So many people are taken aback at the fact that they are nude and miss the beauty of the song and both singers. I love the song!!!! This makes the list of my top songs of 2011!


Newest Edition to my Family -BELLA DIOR

For as long as I could remember I have wanted a Yorkie and here recently I got one…I ADORE HER ALREADY!!! She is very affectionate and lovable…………



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