Hello Hydration-My new found <3

My hair has began a new love affair and kicked my beloved Assie Moist to the curb.   This past weekend I was walking up and down the aisles of Target in search of products and debating which ones I wanted to try.  After coloring my hair I wanted to be sure to take the proper precautions to keep it moisurized to minimize breakage.  I kept going back to the hello hydration.  I was hesitent about trying it because I have previously tried it and it didnt stick in my regimen. Nonetheless I purchased it and my hair ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!!!  It felt moisturized, great slip, mimimal shedding (which shocked me because I steared away from my normal washing routine of washing my hair in sections.  This was only because I was away from home) I love the scent which isnt too overpowering (contains hawaiian coconut & orchid) and after styling my hair I had less frizz! MOST DEFINATELY ADDING THIS TO THE REGIMEN!!! The price doesnt make it bad either at $2.99 at target!!!!!!  Cant wait to try this as a wash and go….


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