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Making OLD Necklaces NEW Earrings

I was bored this Sunday so I decided to do some re-arranging in my room.  I came across some old necklaces that were tarnished and some that were broken….I didn’t want to throw them away so I decided to turn them into earrings..MATERIALS: WIRE, WIRE CUTTER OR ALL IN 1 TOOL, ADDITIONAL BEADS (if needed), EARRING HOOKS!
1. Cut the beads off the necklace with your wire cutters
2. Arrange your beads in design that you like
3. Cut your wire in a circle according to the size you’ll like
4. Take one end of your wire and form a small loop 
5. Put your beads on and form a hoop on the other end
6. Put your earring hook through your hoops 



Thrift Shop Finds

After work Friday I decided to stop by the thrift shop on my way home and found the cuttest little bag for summer time and a nice Gap Sweater all for under 5.00…Cant Beat that!!! =)


Recently my hair has been doing it’s own thing. I hadn’t changes my regimen at all so I assumed it was the weather. Then as I was going threw some of my old products I found some throwback Mane N Tail. Decides to give it a try and my hair loves it! I shampooed my roots and conditioned and detangled with the Aussie Moist, deep conditioned with the Aussie 3 min Miracle. After washing I applied the Aussie Leave in, Coconut Oil and IC Fantasia (Olive Oil). Then I did two strand twists! Not only was my hair was so soft and shiny but it defined my curls… So much to the point where some of my twists would unravel leaving bouncy curls. I’m going to try this regimen for a couple of weeks to see if the results are the same! If so I will be permanently adding this to my regimen.














*Most of these were taken at Snop Consignment*

Thrift Shop Finds

I spent my Saturday with one of my best friends visitng some of the Consignment and Thrift Shops here in Winston Salem…I found some good buys and also used some of the time to build my photography skills….I have a clutch & pocketbook addiction so I jumped when I found these items for only $1.00 =)


Carried Away……

I am in Love Sex in the City!! What I love most are the characters and the FASHION.  I loved the gold Christian Louboutin Pigalle glitter pumps!!! 

So while out shopping with my friends we came across a pink pair….no they are not  Christian Louboutin Pigalle but they were pink and 1/3 of the price. I found them in Guess….and the icing on the cake was my best friend brought them for me as an early birthday gift!!!!!=)


NewYEARnewHAIR Blowout

Happy 2011!!! New Year…New Hair. I decided to bring in the new year with a different look….not only because it was time to trim my ends but because I really wanted to see how much length I retained from the previous year.  I only straighten my hair once a year….the first time I let the Dominicans do a “blow out” (which i would never do again…TOO MUCH HEAT) THIS time i decided to straighten my own hair using minimal heat. I washed and conditioned my hair…blow dried on a low heat setting and flat ironed my hair…trimming my ends in the process….ALTHOUGH it rained the first couple of days I enjoy the short lived time I had with my straight hair but I love my curls……=)
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