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Winterizing your Natural Hair

With the weather changing its important to pay attention to your hair.  The winter elements can dry your natural hair out causing it to break and split.  In the winter months remember to….
-keep your ends moisturized
-attempt using a no poo method (this may help with your hair drying out)
-pay attention to the fabric your scarves and hats are made of (wool and cotton scarves or hats can put stress on your hair causing it to break or split) this also goes for your coats as well. 
In the fall and winter months I dont do wash and goes! My focus is more on protective styling.  This includes braids, twists, quickweaves, or sew ins.  Anything that will protect the ends of your hair.  I only wash once a week making sure I do a deep conditoning when I wash or a hot oil treatment to keep your hair moisturized.
At night I continue to use my coconut oil for moisture and my satin cap to protect my hair while getting beauty sleep! =)


Natural Hair Ingredients

Most naturals pay close attention to the ingredients in products that we use in our hair.  Avoiding ingredients with mineral oil and sulfates.  This website contains a ingredient dictionary that comes in handy when identifying ingredients in products.

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